Village Ordinances

The following Ordinances have been added to this website and are attached below for your viewing convenience. 


07-09-01 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6 - Building and Construction- Fences

Listed is the Section with information on Fences, what is allowed and NOT allowed.  Please review.



R337.1 Fences.


R337.1.1 Allowed fences. (Amended Ord. 07-09-01)

A fence is defined as: A structure, not part of a building, forming a physical barrier, designed and intended as an enclosure, barrier, or boundary and to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary, for protection, privacy or confinement of an area.

An allowed fence is defined as:  A fence constructed of one of the following: vinyl, split rail, basket weave, chain link, post and rail, or any other type of fence design constructed of wood.  No fence shall be erected in the Village unless it is made of the approved materials listed.


R337.1.2 Prohibited fences. The use of snow fencing, chicken wire fencing, hog wire fencing, electrified fences, masonry, stone, or concrete fences, spiked fences, barbed wire, and other non-customary materials in fences is prohibited in the Village.


R337.1.3 Lake lots. The erection of fences on lots which are located on the lake is prohibited, provided however that this section shall not be construed to prohibit the construction of an enclosed fence area containing a ground area of nine hundred (900) square feet or less for containment of children of tender years, the construction of a fenced dog run containing a ground area of one hundred twenty (120) square feet or less, (the minimum dimension of an area enclosed for dog run purposes shall be 6 foot) or the construction of a fence enclosing a swimming pool area, on such lake side property.


R337.1.4 Prohibited location. No fence shall be erected on a front yard; for purposes of this section the term "front" shall be defined to mean that boundary of a lot along a public street, and for a corner lot, the front shall be the shorter lot boundary along the street.


R337.1.5 Height. Fences shall not exceed four (4) feet in height from ground level to the highest point of the fence.


Exception: Dog run fence may not exceed six (6) feet in height from ground level to the highest point of the fence or enclose an area not greater than one hundred twenty (120) square feet, (the minimum dimension of an area enclosed for dog run purposes shall be 6 foot) of the rear yard, provided it is set back at least seven feet from any property line. 


R337.1.6 Location. All fences shall be located as near as practicable to, but not more than 12 inches (305 mm) from a property line.


R337.1.7 Parallel fence. No fence shall be built parallel to an existing fence, except as provided for dog runs and fences enclosing swimming pools.


R337.1.8 Fence hole depth.  All fence posts shall extend 42 inches (1,067mm) below grade in a 6-inch (1582 mm) diameter (minimum) bored hole with concrete to fill remainder of hole.  When a wood post is used 6 inches (152 mm) of gravel shall be provided in bottom of hole.


R337.1.9 Finished side All fences shall be installed so that the posts and rails or unfinished side face away from the street or neighboring property.


R401.2 Requirements. Foundation construction shall be capable of accommodating all loads according to Section R301 and of transmitting the resulting loads to the supporting soil. Fill soils that support footings and foundations shall be designed, installed and tested in accordance with accepted engineering practice. In any event footings shall not be installed on soils having bearing capacity of less than 3000 psf (143.7 kN/m2) without being engineered by a State of Illinois Registered Structural Engineer.


Mailbox Repair Program

07-12-02 An Ordinance Adopting a Mailbox Repair Program and Amending Chapter 12 of the Municipal Code of the Village of Oakwood Hills.

Amending Golf Carts

07-04-04 An Ordinance Amending the Operation of Golf Carts on Certain Roadways.

Seasonal Weight Restrictions

06-09-01 An Ordinance Amending Chapter 11 - Seasonal Road Weight Restrictions of the Village of Oakwood Hills Municipal Code.

Noisy Animals

Prohibiting the allowance of noisy animals in The Village of Oakwood Hills.

Alcoholic Beverages

Prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages on the beaches, parks and water in Oakwood Hills.


07-02-01 An Ordinance Granting a Conditional Use Permit and Variations for a Communications Tower and Related Equipment.

Loud Music

The prohibiting of loud music in The Village of Oakwood Hills.