The Village of Oakwood Hills

...where the waters run clear, the air is fresh, and the neighbors, friendly

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Golfing:  The Village of Oakwood Hills is proud to say that, "Chalet Hills has been honored by Golf Digest with a "Four 1/2 Star" rating and was rated #5 in the State of Illinois by the 2003 Zagat / ESPN Survey of BEST American Courses."  Please see the following link to find out more about this beautiful golfing oasis.

  As of the July 2010 Census, the Village population numbered 2,083.

Housing:  Prices range from $60,000 for an occasional summer cottage to $300,000+ for some of the new homes.

Schools:  Most Oakwood Hills residents are in Prairie Grove Elementary School District 46.  Those south of Woodland Road or in the Chalet Hills Development are in Cary District 26.  All residents are in High School District 155 and serviced by Prairie Ridge High School.

Library:  Residents are part of the Cary Public Library system. 

Churches:  Village residents attend numerous churches conveniently located in nearby towns.

Hospitals:  Good Shepherd Hospital, just east of Fox River Grove, and Northern Illinois Medical Center in McHenry serve as out major hospitals, while Sherman Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital in Elgin are also available.

Transportation:  Residents may take the commuter train in Cary, a 60 minute (express) ride to Chicago.  Parking at the Cary train station is $1. per day.  Motorists might find the same ride takes longer depending on traffic conditions.  One .80 toll brings motorists into the city.

Shopping:  A convenience store is located just outside the Village, housed in the original one-room Silver Lakes School.  A wide array of stores and services are readily available nearby in Cary and Crystal Lake.

Utilities:  Oakwood Hills is serviced by Commonwealth Edison (800-334-7661), Northern Illinois Gas Company (815-455-0271), Waste Mangement (800-447-1066) and Comcast (800-COMCAST).  All residences in the Village have private well and septic.

Beaches:  The Village boasts two pristine beaches the North Beach and South Beach.  Both beaches offer swimming in the crystal clear water.

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